Membership for the summer season starting on 19 April 2021 and ending on 30 September 2021:

PADEL SUMMER (for tennis members)

Adults (born 2002 or before) € 140
Youngsters (born in 2003 until 2009) € 80
Youngsters (born in 2010 or later) € 40

PADEL SUMMER (for non-tennis members)

Adults (born in 2002 or before) € 180
Youngsters (born in 2003-2009) € 100
Youngsters (born in 2010 or later) € 60

You need to register via the website of tennisvlaanderen.be . Click here: http://www.tennisvlaanderen.be/lid-worden?clubId=2220

You can log in with your member number and renew your subscription. Please check your personal data and update them if necessary. You will then automatically receive an invitation to pay by e-mail with a structured message.

In order to offer sufficient playing facilities, the number of padel members will be limited to 200.

The padel reservation system will allow for 2 reservations in advance. Reservations will take one and a half hours.  Reservations will always be made for 4 people.

The reservation system will also offer the possibility to make “separate reservations”.

11 euro/pp for an hour and a half

Padel rackets can be rented at the bar during the opening hours (11 am to 10 pm).
The rental price for a padel racket is 2 euros.

The bank details of Tennisclub Woten are BE51 0018 5223 0962.