Fees Summer 2021

Membership fees summer 2021

The summer season starts on april 1st 2021 and ends on september 30th 2021.

Adults subscription (born in 2002 or earlier): € 140

Youth subscription  (born in 2003 till 2009): € 80

Youth subscription  (born in 2010 till 2012): € 50

Youth subscription  (born in 2013 or later): € 30

In order to subscribe please fill out the registration form via following link


You can log in with your membership number and renew your membership.

Please fill out or complete your personal coordinates.

Each Woten member can invite a guest 3 times per season. The guest player needs to pay 8€ at the bar. Please send a mail to info@woten.be to book a court with a guest player.

Our bank account number: BE51 0018 5223 0962